15 Free Online Learning Websites for Children

Hello parents and educators,

Here is a list of 15 of our favourite e-learning websites that children can use while studying at home in this period of COVID-19.

For parents searching for a private instructor to teach their children coding / computer programming online, you can check www.teencoders.com.ng/online

Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the great education websites/blogs out there. Chances are you may have others that are not included here. Also note that this list is not ranked but rather is picked at random:

  1. mathszone.co.uk
  2. khanacademy.com
  3. starfall.com
  4. abcya.com
  5. splashlearn.com
  6. highlightskids.com
  7. storylineonline.net
  8. pbskids.org
  9. mathgametime.com
  10. turtlediary.com
  11. prodigygame.com
  12. mysterydoug.com
  13. kids.nationalgeographic.com
  14. squigglepark.com
  15. twinkl.co.uk

You only need a Tab, Laptop or an Android phone with internet access. Also visit www.teencoders.com.ng/online to access more coding programs and resources. Please let’s keep our children busy educationally.