TeenCoders: JS2 student, Ayomikun Adeosun, builds a computer game.

#CodeStudio7 Day 1, TeenCoders
April 4, 2017
#CodeStudio8: Ecole Cherrywood, GRA location fixed
July 10, 2017

TeenCoders: JS2 student, Ayomikun Adeosun, builds a computer game.

#GirlsInICT This morning, one of the students in the schools we teach, Shalom College, came to show us the game she built. Our #Girls are getting better daily...
She may likely join us to teach the lower grades in #CodeStudio8. Port Harcourt, starting Augist 1 - 31, 2017. Nigeria, get ready.


  1. Aniefiok says:

    We need more initiatives like this in Nigeria if we are gonna compete at the levels of the US in the digital space.

    Proud of you Jack, while some of us are not there yet, you have successfully built something that will outleave you…

    • teencode says:

      Thank You Sir Shola,

      You have always been an inspiration to us, and we appreciate.
      We are thinking of a project in Lagos and will love to here from you.
      Please do call: 08039558839, and we can discuss.

      Thank you.

      Anietie Etuk.

  2. Nelson says:

    Great job from the stable of TeenCodersNG, do not miss this opportunity to register your children in the Summer training #CodeStudio8. Empower your children with the right skills and they will thank you forever

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