Canis Royal International School #CodeClub

Catoky International School CodeClub
February 28, 2018
The hype about coding
March 2, 2018

Canis Royal International School #CodeClub

teencoders canis royal
#Canis Royal International #School just approved the setup of #TeenCoders’ #CodeClub.
In every new school that accept to start the #CodeClub, it is the:
hands-on PROJECTS,
the RELEVANT topics,
the PLAYFUL arrangement,
the GOD factor, and
the SOCIAL awareness
that keeps the kids going with the classes.
We learnt these from computer games. Computer games are difficult, yet children love to play. WHY?
Some kids say Mathematics or other subjects can be difficult. Most times it’s not the subject, it’s the teaching. Teach these subjects like a game, and students’ interest will increase.
Thanks to Canis Royal International School, #Woji, #Port harocurt for subscribing to #TeenCoders CodeClub.
Average Schools teach their pupils how to USE technology (Computer Studies).

Great Schools -are partnering with TeenCoders to- teach their pupils how to CREATE technology (Coding).

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