The hype about coding
March 2, 2018
March 12, 2018

Seacrest School #CodeClub

teencoders seacrest
Is to be a leading international learning community where innovation, creativity and academic excellence strive.

Our values
We value justice, peace, citizenship, human rights, guardianship and conservation. Knowledge and awareness for the global community is an important aspect of our curriculum.

Education Goals
To provide rigorous internationally acceptable curricula, effective instruction and innovative programs to all students in a supportive and respectful learning environment that strive for the highest possible achievement, e-learning facilitates and enriches our learning.

SPS encourages competence in literacy, numeracy and scientific enquiry; there is an emphasis on skills as well as knowledge. We engage in national and international civic awareness and provide a range of exciting and relevant learning experiences outside the classroom. Classrooms are vibrant, exciting and our learning environments is very supportive. Teachers foster positive, learning relationships with students and endeavor to know each learner and develop programs relevant to them. Students must know why they are learning and be able to make links to prior learning. Teachers focus on strategies that will develop lifelong independent learners with good critical thinking skills.

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