Average Schools teach their pupils how to USE technology (Computer Studies).
Great Schools -are partnering with TeenCoders to- teach their pupils how to CREATE technology (Coding).


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To setup a Code Club in your School, please call:

Ms. Chinyere or Mr. James: 080.39.5588.39


Kids these days are all stuck to their phones, their tablets, and are constantly using technology, but very few of them are learning how to create it. Instead of playing games, what if they create the game. Instead of just using Microsoft Word to type, what if they create Microsoft Word.
Even if it’s something simple, like a kid programming a maze or programming a robot, when they see their work brought to life, that’s where light bulbs go off.


Pupils in our Coding Clubs have created: Mobile Apps for smart devices, 2D & 3D Educational Games for Desktop and Microsoft X-Box machines, 3D Animation of concepts in Mathematics, English, Basic Science etc. Students have created School Websites, Desktop Software and Result Management Softwares for their schools.
The core skills learnt are: *Problem Solving, *Computational Thinking, *21st Century Soft Skills, and *Coding Language.


TeenCoders makes it fun and easy for kids to learn how to code! Kids use visual / drag-and-drop blocks to learn programming using programs like KEA, Scratch, LOGO, Minecraft, Alice, Kodu, AppInventor. Then they progress to text-based programming languages like Python, HTML, CSS, and Java.
Our guided courses, puzzles, projects and more ensure that every child will find something that ignites their passion for learning. Contact us for a presentation and get your pupils started coding today!


This club has 4 levels:
Level 1 (Primary 1-3),
Level 2 (Primary 4-6),
Level 3 (JSS 1-3) and
Level 4 (SSS 1-3).
Each level has 3 modules: beginner, intermediate, and advance. (The modules are equivalent to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term course work).
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