TeenCoders Online Coding School

This coding class will give your child (10-17 years) the best foundation in computer programming.

  • Level 1 covers frontend development of websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By the end of this level, your child will create 5 responsive websites.
  • Level 2 continues with introduction to Machine Learning using Python programming language.

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  • Classes hold online, on weekdays, with option for morning, afternoon or evening sessions.
  • For Saturday classes, click the link (Saturday Code Class).
  • This FREE class is for the first 2 weeks.
  • After this free class, the continuing School fees has been discounted to just N5,000 monthly.

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  • Fill the FORM below to Register your child (Please note, this form should be filled by parents ONLY).
  • When you click the SUBMIT button, it will take you to the TeenCoders Web Class on WhatsApp (Admin: 08039558839).

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  • Requirements: Internet Access, Laptop, WhatsApp.



By supplying TeenCoders with your information, you grant TeenCoders permission to contact you on an ongoing basis for all activities that may be of interest to you and related to your child’s performance in the coding class.