Our goal is to make your child a creative problem solver, inventor, and digital expert.

By the end of this 2-weeks class, your child will be able to do one of these:

* Create a 2D/3D Game.

* Build a mobile app.

* Build a website.

* Build robot using Arduino microcontroller.

Register today and pay N15,000 (N20,000)

* are compulsory

Your child will get a certificate after this course.


DAYS: Monday to Friday

DATE: Tuesday 14-Friday 24th Dec, 2021.

HOURS: 9am-11am or 4pm-6pm

LOCATION: Online and Physical (8 Old Aba Road, PH).

REQUIREMENT:  Laptop (Coding), Laptop + Kits (Robotics).

FEE: N20,000.

Register today and pay N15,000.

Please note: robotics is for ages 10 and above, and the kit is sold separately. Please call, Ms. Christy: 08039558839.

What parents say:

MRS. IMEH KPEH: I believe in lifelong learning, and TeenCoders is a great place for kids to start and grow their coding skill.

MRS. GRACE MACAULAY: My children and I love TeenCoders. The courses are fantastic and the instructors are so fun and knowledgeable.

MR. E. E. EYOMA: I really like your program. The thinking level of my children is improving greatly.

MRS. CHINWE ODIEGWU: Thanks for today’s class. My children are so excited and it means a lot to us parents. God bless you.

Register now and pay N15,000 (N20,000)

* are compulsory

Course outline for 2D/3D Game Class

* Input, output and variables.

* Variables.

* Data and data types.

* Concatenation.

* Operators.

* Booleans.

* Conditional statements (If/Else)

* Loop (For loop).

* Project Development.

For more details, please call or WhatsApp: 08039558839