Virtual Robotics Online Classroom: BATCH A

This hands-on practical class is designed to actively engage children (6-17 years) in problem solving and creativity using STEM, artificial intelligence and Coding related projects.

In this class, the children will complete 4 amazing automation projects:

  1. Automated Traffic Light.
  2. Smart Waste Bin
  3. Smart house.
  4. Remote controlled electric vehicle

The course outline include:

  • General introduction to Robotics.
  • Introduction to Arduino and the breadboard.
  • The Arduino-Uno board components.
  • External components
  • Modules and their uses.
  • Shields and their applications.
  • Introduction to C programming language.
  • How the C programming language is used to give instructions to Arduino.
  • Simple example projects.
  • The traffic light.
  • The robot car.
  • The smart house.
  • The smart bin.

The requirements are:

  1. A laptop.
  2. Arduino starter kit (N20,000 required)
  3. Car Chassis (N30,000 optional)

Arduino starter kit

Car chassis

Classes will hold via:

  • ZOOM

The course fee:

  • N10,000 per month.
  • Duration 2 months.

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