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Plans and Pricing


2,900 Monthly
  • 4-7 years
  • 2D Animation (Scratch).
  • 3D Game Development (Kodu).
  • STEM and Logic


3,900 Monthly
  • 8-11 years
  • Mobile Apps (AppInventor).
  • 2D Game Development (Construct).
  • 3D Animation (Muvizu).


4,900 Monthly
  • 12-16 years
  • Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Apps (Python, Java).
  • 3D Animation (Blender).

Trusted by Parents

I really like your program... And their (my children) thinking level is improving.


Mr. E. E. Eyoma Parent

Thanks for today’s class. The children were so excited and it means a lot to us parents. God bless you.


Mrs. Chinwe Odiegwu  Parent

In addition to this, I also learnt how we find out solutions to solve a problem and why this is necessary.


Ms. Debbie Student

We saw him (my son) do amazing things with the computer. It’s a very, very good program for children. It helps them academically as well.


Mrs. Adaro Onyeka Parent

I learnt how to create apps. … I like to encourage other young girls to engage themselves in things like this. Learn something new so that they can be empowered and be independent.


Ms. Kenechukwu Student

Children out there, I know you love to play games. Instead of playing it why not come to TeenCoders and learn how to develop those games and give it to the world.


Ms. Kenechukwu Student

TeenCoders is a group that enhances your thinking. TeenCoders has taught me how to become a programmer, how to do well in the outside world. The environment is friendly, the teachers are friendly.


Master. Idaramfon Student

I love Muvizu because you program things and make them to dance or do lots of things. I love coding because it’s fun.


    Trusted by Schools

    TeenCoders website or any other online video learning platform.

    Laptop (Windows 8 and upwards), Internet Access, Headset (optional).

    Unlimited Access. Anytime. Anywhere. Any-day.

    The parent creates an account for the child on the TeenCoders platform, selects a plan and makes payments. The child accesses and takes lessons using the video courses in the selected plan. At the end of each lesson, the child takes quizzes, completes exercises and projects.

    Multiple choice quizzes after each video tutorial, exercises and project after each section. Assessment and other reports available online.

    TeenCoders badges and certificate will be issued after successful completion of each course.

    *Your child will learn:

    • How to write algorithms.
    • Engage in Computational thinking.
    • Creative thinking and innovation.
    • Problem solving, maths and logic.

    *Your child will be able to:

    • Design his/her own computer game, create cartoons, websites and lots more.
    • Explore arithmetic, communication, logic in a fun and adventurous way.
    • Be creative with interactive computer / tech driven projects.

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    Yes. Registration is required, and account created for the user (Parent/Child).

    No. The videos are only available online.